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Mokafe is a 100% Haitian premium coffee serving great coffee for a greater cause. Mokafe is the reinvention of a long storied tradition from the world's foremost coffee producer. Our goal is to support Haitian coffee farmers to revitalize national production and position Haiti as a worldwide premium coffee distributor. We offer distinct flavors with unexpected notes of chocolate and other local flavors born from the soil creating an incredible coffee experience. Our flavors includes: "Beaumont" Tradition, "La Perle" Vanillla, "Cap-Rouge" Chocolate, "Tanboo" Caramel, "Marabou" Hazelnut. Through our coffee sales, we're helping improve our farmer's quality of life. We seek to benefit the quality of life of the farmers, providing them a secure source of income for food on the table, clean water, and school for their children. Farmers within the "MOKAFE Cup of Hope" initiative also receives "Mokafe Cares" benefits, such as free healthcare. We promise to deliver Haitian coffee at its very best while helping America rediscover one of the world's great coffee traditions one cup at a time.

8185 Via Ancho Rd, #880805

Boca Raton, Florida 33433

Phone: (844) 6 MOKAFE (844-666-5233)