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Meet Our Team

Stephanie Washington
Agency Owner

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I have five years of experience in the insurance industry all with Allstate. I’ve been surrounded by the industry my whole life though as my dad owned his agency for twenty years before he decided to retire. What most excited me about my work is the importance in protecting a family’s assets. Most people don’t value insurance until they need it, so it’s my responsibility to make sure people understand why insurance is important and how it protects everything they own.

I was born into a military family, which means I grew up all over. Born in Kansas, raised in Okinawa, Japan and then I moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina where I graduated high school. We finally settled down in Charlotte, North Carolina after graduation and have been here ever since. I love to travel with my family and enjoy new experiences. I was lucky enough to grow up around many different cultures, and I would love to make sure my family has all of the same experiences.

When I’m not at work, you can find me working or training. I believe in personal development so that I can improve in all areas of my life. I love to read and learn so I’m always involved in a development class so I can learn to be a better person, wife, mother, and advisor to my clients. Growing up in Japan meant that martial arts became a part of my life when I was young. I believe this helped inspire my love for kickboxing/ boxing, which helps me to relieve stress. I also started doing public speaking and have been finding myself tapping into my creative side with this.

One of my favorite ways of giving back to my community is through the Youth Financial Literacy program. It’s important that we teach our children at a young age how to manage money because the decisions they make when they’re older will have a huge impact on their success. My goal is to implement a financial literacy program into the schools so that kids can get more exposure on learning about money management and building wealth.

Jerrod Washington
Agency Owner

Michelle Rivers
Commercial Insurance Agent

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Chris Potts
Life, Annuity and Benefits Specialist

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Diana Chavez-Castro
Personal & Commercial Insurance Consultant

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